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How Using A CRM Eliminates Miscommunication


Miscommunication is something that plagues even the best organizations. Small businesses might be more tight-knit than your traditional enterprise, but humans are still prone to miscommunication. We can help your business improve the way that it communicates and collaborates, and it starts by considering how you can eliminate miscommunication in your office.

In our March newsletter we discussed how using a team-based instant messaging system like Microsoft Teams or Slack, a company Intranet, and ticketing system can foster communication in your organization. In this article we will delve into the unifying platform we recommend every company adopt, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Consolidate Customer-Related Sales and Operations Activities into a Single System

If you’re not using one already, we recommend you look for and implement a CRM system focused on your industry. CRMs track demographic and custom-defined information related to prospective and active customers, potential sales opportunities, projects management, tracking time spent on delivery of contracted services, and/or billing customers for those services. Many industries have software platforms catering to that industry that may provide some or all of these CRM capabilities and are focused on how that industry delivers and gets paid for services. For example, law firms have Practice Management Systems and medical and dental organizations have Electronic Health Records Systems.

Establish SOPs, Reports, KPIs and Goals
Regardless of what system you use, we recommend you adopt an “If it’s not in the System, it didn’t happen” mentality and set up Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that mandate in step by step detail with screenshots how all sales, operations and billing activities are to be executed and documented using your single system.

SOPs are vital to ensuring your “system of record” is used and updated in a consistent way, enabling both uniform and reliable operations, and accurate and complete daily, weekly and monthly Reports showing leadership how and what the team is doing.

Related to those reports, you can give your team a set of metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that give an at-a-glance snapshot or scorecard to show how they are doing. If each department can agree on KPIs and Goals for each of those KPIs, this will greatly clarify and focus each team’s efforts and communications around those efforts.

How does a CRM, SOPs, KPIs and Goals help with communications? We’ve found the more fully an organization adopts a CRM, the more the CRM becomes the source and recipient of up-to-date reliable information about everything everyone in the company needs to know about. This will begin to eliminate the need for tactical intra-staff communication to just find out what’s going on with each active or prospective client, elevating staff and leadership discourse to strategic discussions on how to improve customer service and financial outcomes.

How Agilitec tracks Executive “Rocks” and Weekly Tasks
In addition to a CRM, many organization may find benefit in implementing a separate project management or task management platform used by company and department leadership to track projects and tasks that are not specific to a single customer. At Agilitec, we utilize Asana, a web-based platform with smartphone apps to track completion of executive goals or “Rocks” we define on a quarterly basis, as well as weekly tasks to achieve those goals. In a future article we will go into further detail how we use Asana to achieve our company’s long- and short-term goals, and how everything is tied together in an organized, accessible manner in our Microsoft Teams system.

What are your business' specific communication needs? Agilitec IT can help you meet them. To learn more, reach out to us at (702) 720-1700.

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Friday, June 22, 2018

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