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Corporate Account Security - Phishing Protection, Two Factor Authentication, Password Management and Secure DNS
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Proactive Monitoring Designed to Keep Your Network Secure

We at Agilitec IT have witnessed a massive increase in targetted attacks on individual users.  No longer are hackers seeking to penetrate network firewalls and servers as their primary vectors.

Instead, Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks have taken the lead as the most prevalent threat.  To combat this threat, Agilitec has developed a four-layer, defense-in-depth solution which provides user phishing training and testing, two factor authentication, Secure DNS, and enterprise password management.


Layer 1 deploys unique, complex account passwords via an Enterprise Password Manager

Most users re-use the same, easy-to-crack password for their personal and business accounts.  An Enterprise Password Manager allows your users to conveniently autofill unique, random passwords for each of their business accounts while allowing centralized control and sharing.


Layer 2 protects your business accounts with Multifactor or Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Our 2FA solution adds a critical second layer of protection for your key business accounts.  When someone logs into your users' accounts, they will receive a smartphone push notification that they can then validate as legitimate or not.


Layer 3 provides Secure DNS to protect staff from malicious websites

Our Secure DNS (Domain Name Service) and content filtering solution provides real-time protection for your users and PCs from malicious websites, blocking accidental downloading and installation of Cryptolock and other malware.


Layer 4 trains your staff to avoid cyber threats and tests their awareness

The most targeted and vulnerable parts of your network are your users.  Our Corporate Account Security system provides ongoing training for your users to recognize and thwart the latest attacks, and then tests them by sending them emails that emulate the types of emails the hackers are sending out.

For more information about our network security solutions, including our Corporate Account Security Solution, call us today at (702) 720-1700.


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