Office 365

Communicate and connect with your team from any device, anywhere, 24/7.

One of the most popular cloud-based systems for business, Office 365 enhances productivity via email, calendars, applications and file sharing.

  • Transfer existing data (email, calendars, contacts and tasks) with the help of our migration experts. We seamlessly relocate all your data to the cloud with no downtime.
  • Management and Support. Learn the benefits and functionality of Office 365 with guidance from our technicians. Tap into an array of resources and applications as we teach you and your employees all facets of the program.

Secure File Sync and Share

Access company data from any device.

Keep productivity high with updated company documents accessible from the cloud. Cut inbox size in half, compare notes and catch up on work from any location with Secure File Sync and Share.

  • Access your company data from any device: desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Safely share files with outside users utilizing enterprise level encryption.
  • Protect your data. If termination, loss or theft occurs, wipe all existing data from a remote location.
  • Accountability. Agilitec’s cloud hosting is HIPAA and SAS 70 compliant.

Exchange Mailboxes

Secure. Reliable. Email.

There are many reasons why roughly 95% of businesses use Exchange. With large storage capabilities, easy to use interface and file sharing, it’s a prime choice for high quality communication.

  • Never delete an email again. Unlimited mailbox sizes allow you to save all the information you need.
  • Leave your server behind. There’s lots of space in the cloud!
  • Receive a free Outlook License with each mailbox.
  • Forego startup costs. No additional fees required.
  • Transfer emails. We can migrate your existing data to Exchange.

Cloud Servers

Limitless solutions. Endless space and scalability.

Utilizing cloud servers is a secure, cost and resource efficient service. Requiring no contracts or minimum specs, you have the freedom and flexibility to pay for exactly what you need.

  • Choose a secure server: Windows or Linux Operating Systems.
  • Dynamically allocate resources (CPU, memory and disk space) on cloud servers without the need to reboot CPU, memory and disk space.
  • Straightforward cost. No contracts or minimum specs required.
  • Pay only for what you need.
  • Create new cloud instances in minutes. We easily accommodate expansion, keeping speed high and servers secure.

Spam Filtering, Email Continuity and Encryption

Secure your inbox.

Losing emails is not an option. We offer comprehensive email security so you can always access vital information. Rest assured your inbox is 100% accessible and clutter-free with Spam Filtering, Email Continuity and Encryption.

  • Keep a clean inbox. We provide spam and virus filtering service for email.
  • Rest assured with email continuity. If your email server becomes unavailable, all inbound emails can be accessed in the cloud.  Emails are collected or ‘spooled’ if your server is offline and are delivered to your mail server when it comes back online. No matter what happens, you keep all your emails.
  • Protect your privacy. We can encrypt emails manually or by policy.  Policy-based encryption automatically encrypts outbound emails if the content meets a specific guideline (i.e. email contains social security number).

Offsite Backups

Essential data kept safe.

Backing up in the cloud is one of the best ways to prevent data loss. We run our businesses on information, and incorporating offsite protection is an essential component of insuring their future success.

  • Backup as you grow. Unlimited backup storage is included.
  • Secure compatible protection with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.
  • Ongoing safety. Back up every 15 minutes with automatic retention policies.
  • Receive multiple layers of protection. All backups are encrypted locally, intelligently compressed and stored in an encrypted state at the data center.
  • Pricing that reflects your needs. Offsite backups are priced per device.

Cloud Phone Systems

Calling revolutionized.

Save cost and expand functionality with cloud calling. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology transforms your voice into a digital signal that travels over the internet. VoIP empowers users with advanced applications like computer calling, visual voicemail, business intelligence tools and portability.

  • Explore multifaceted functionality. Access other applications while calling and enjoy features like video conferencing.
  • Call on the go. Whether traveling for work or in a remote location, VoIP adapters function anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Save cost. Pay per phone and say goodbye to long distance and international charges.

Consolidate services. Cloud-based phone systems remove your reliance on traditional telecom providers. Wrap your IT and calling needs in one, because we have you covered!

Cloud Services